This blog is a forum for researchers to post short essays about issues relating to the Middle East, particularly the Levant and especially Jordan.
Blog posts should be short, themed and communicative (c. 500 – 1,000 words). They should supported by eye-catching images that must be supplied as separate well labelled good resolution jpg files. We welcome photo essays too so long as all photos are labelled.
We only publish original content. Authors are welcome to repost their contributions elsewhere, but must state the BIAmman blog website as the original place of posting along with the original date.
We currently only post in English. We aspire to post everything in English and Arabic and are looking for volunteers to assist with the Arabic.
The author’s name and an email address must be given with submissions, plus a short profile (c. 100 words maximum).
We do not own any content which remains the property of the author. The author has the right to ask for content to be removed, which we will endeavour to do within 7 days of receipt of the request. We will ask you why.
All views expressed are those of the author. Comments on content should be addressed to the author.
Our editorial team reserves the right to take all regular editorial decisions: acceptance / rejection of articles and photos, publication timing, and editing, as well as to remove articles. We do undertake to keep you informed at all times and are are happy to discuss and receive constructive criticism but, ultimately, our decisions are final (really).
Each submission is considered on a case by case basis. We seek originality and ‘on the ground’ content. Persuade us.
Submissions to: If you send it to us, we take it that you give us permission to post it after editorial assessment.