The CBRL British Institute Library is one of the best English language academic libraries in Amman. It is a reference library (i.e. non-lending) so please plan to spend some time with us when you visit. We specialise in books and periodicals on archaeology, anthropology, history, and international relations, with specialist sections on Arabic language, Islamic history, politics, gender studies, refugee studies, and media studies.

We are open Sunday to Thursday, 8:30am to 5pm.


Catalogue and Collections

A library front office with two open access computers.

A monographs room which houses the majority of our book collection.

A journals room.

An archive room which houses our map, rare book and off-print collections.

Research room 2, which is a quiet place for study and some of the library collection is held there.

The main office on the ground floor which houses our Arabic book collection and some reference books.

Archive Room

We have an extensive collection of maps of Jordan, comprising topographical, geological and soil maps, as well as general maps of the Levant.

Digitised versions, kindly donated by Prof David Kennedy’s Aerial Archaeology of Jordan Project, of our maps of Jordan are available for consultation on-site.

Book Suggestions and Donations

We are always working to improve our collections and keep them up-to-date. We welcome book suggestions and donations.
Please contact